The Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group (CTHCG) is a multi-disciplinary team of licensed medical and mental health providers who work with gender-diverse individuals of all ages in the Charlotte and surrounding area. We collaborate with one another in order to stay informed about best practices, engage in case consultation, collect resources and referrals for trans-affirming services, communicate about current events, and engage in advocacy efforts.

CTHCG was founded with the intent to provide a forum for education and consultation for local healthcare professionals working with transgender individuals and their families. CTHCG meets on a monthly basis to share best practice information, support advocacy efforts and identify affirming resources within the greater Charlotte community. Clinical consultation and resource sharing assists members in providing quality informed care, and coordinate to best accommodate the needs of the individuals we serve. More on our HISTORY.

Membership is open to those who are licensed healthcare providers in the greater Charlotte, NC area who are trans-affirming and identify as having an interest and/or professional involvement in the treatment of transgender and gender-diverse individuals and their families. Member’s sign the following ATTESTATION to demonstrate their committment to trans-affirmative care.

The group is further intended to serve as a resource for the transgender community to identify healthcare professionals and other resources that provide care and services to gender-diverse individuals and their families.