CTHCG History



The Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group is an energetic group of health care providers from several local counties, formed in January of 2012. At the time Dr. Lisa Griffin, a psychologist whom had been caring for gender-diverse patients in the Charlotte area for over 15 years, was anticipating moving out of the area and wanted to make sure there would be a robust community to care for these gender-diverse individuals.
Lisa Griffin

CTHCG Founder  Lisa Griffin Ph.D

The group started as an amalgam of 5 hormone prescribing providers, 7 mental health professionals and a surgeon with the intent to discuss best practices in transgender healthcare, transmit/relay new information and discuss complex cases. The agenda has included monthly meetings on a variety of topics at facilities graciously provided by Dr. Rhett Brown.

We have since grown to a group of over 20 clinical providers, many of whom regularly attend our monthly meetings. Our list of guests initially included community activists, local clergy, lawyers, local educators and ancillary providers and also continues to expand. Members frequently attend Trans-specific gender-related conferences and report back what we have learned. Additionally, many of us are members of WPATH which provides the Standards of Care (currently version 7) for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming People.

Non-discrimination Ordinance Speakers

Supporting Charlotte’s Non-discrimination Ordinance

Most recently we have undertaken advocacy including speaking out at the public debate in Charlotte supporting the Non-discrimination Ordinance and have written letters to local media in support of the repeal of House Bill 2 (HB2) and in support of the civil rights of gender-diverse people in our state. We have further reached out to the local law enforcement community in an effort to participate in a meaningful dialogue and provide education.

We are honored to participate in the dramatic expansion of this wonderful community and look forward to continuing to grow to help meet the needs of gender-diverse individuals and families in Charlotte!


Becky Stamler, LPC, LCAS

Beverly ‘Mecca’ Moss, LPC

Billie Maitland Ph.D – Congratulations Billie on your retirement! We could not be more proud of your involvement with the youth of our community!

Carl Hughes, MD

Eli Branscome, LPCS, LCAS

Eric Emerson, MD

Holly Savoy, Ph.D

Jim Green, MDiv, LPC – Congratulations Jim on retirement! We could not be more proud of your involvement!

Laura Levin, MD

Lisa Griffin, Ph.D

Rhett Brown, MD

Richard Wynn, MD

Thomas Marlowe, MD