CTHCG Member Clinical Attestation

CTHCG Members sign the following attestation as documentation of their commitment and dedication to best practice in providing clinical services to their gender diverse patients and clients:

Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group Directory Attestation

Each of the providers listed on the website (www.cthcg.org) signed on to the following statement:

“I would like my name/practice, ________________________________________________, to be listed in the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group (CTHCG) roster of trans-affirming providers.  

I understand that by signing this, I give permission for my name and provider information to be distributed to the transgender community of Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas via website, listservs, and in print.  I also understand that by signing this, I am stating that I am personally and professionally supportive and dedicated to informing myself on gender identity, gender expression and transgender* issues.”

*Please note that we use the term transgender to include those individuals who identify beyond the gender binary, including but not limited to: genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender expansive, bigender, gender fluid, transsexual, or other specific terms that individuals feel may more accurately describe their experience or identity.

Name Signed Date

Practice Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Public Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________________________________________


Please note that inclusion in this list does not mean endorsement by the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group or its members.

  • If a provider is not listed here, it does not mean that they are transphobic. We may have missed them in our outreach efforts or they may choose not to be listed.
  • Inclusion here does not guarantee that the provider is completely knowledgeable or competent in all matters of transgender-related health care, but means simply that they signed a statement that they are “personally and professionally supportive and dedicated to informing myself on gender identity, gender expression and transgender* issues” as stated above.
  • We do not do background checks on the health care providers listed here and therefore can make no representation about their licensing, accreditation, or other professional qualifications. You may wish to check such information with the state licensing boards and/or professional organizations that serve the area where the provider practices.
  • Our provider directory provider listings are only for personal use. They may not be used for soliciting, marketing, or canvassing purposes.
  • No one has paid a fee to participate in our provider directory, and we do not receive any payment from practitioners who are listed.

Adapted from the Missouri Transgender Health Network http://www.transgenderhealthnetwork.org and Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition: http://www.mntranshealth.com